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Save an average of $400 on your purchase with Hustler!!!!

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     Moon Landing RV Park and Marina is also your area franchise for the Hustler Brand of Boat, Pontoon, and Utility Trailers.  Keep us in mind whenever you are shopping for your next trailer.  We choose the Hustler Brand to represent, because of the quality of manufacturing and service to the customer.  Many trailer manufacturers are closer and more convenient, but did not have the quality of product we wanted to market to you.  Hustler Trailers are manufactured in Lake City, Tennessee, about 20 minutes north of Knoxville.  We have toured their plant a number of times.  If you are ever traveling north on I-75, we can arrange a tour of their plant.  The difference in manufacturing and respect for a quality product is comforting.  Because trailers are not our primary line of business, we can save you a significant amount of money on your trailer purchases.  Our past customers have saved on the average of $400 on their purchase.  We do not have the investment of a current inventory of trailers but we typically can receive our order in 10 working days.  Please feel free to visit the corporate website to view every trailer and ordering specifications in their inventory. Their website is  Compare hustler prices with all other retail trailer companies and then come order with us.  We require a 10% nonrefundable deposit with your order.  The deposit is credited off of the purchase price.  Please see our CONTACT US page for information on how you can order your Hustler Trailer, today!









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